Hot Ride

June 28


My always-has-it-together big brother is getting married in a charming but remote town. With limited transportation options, he arranged a ride for me with his cocky best friend, Jett Ryder, the bad-boy rockstar of my teenage dreams.

I'm determined to handle being in close quarters with Jett, teasing and all. I'm an accountant, not a groupie. How hard could it be?

Yet as the miles tick by, it's getting harder to ignore Jett's smoldering glances and how his husky voice makes my heart race.

The attraction is real, but so is the fear of falling for a guy who may hurt me. I'm not cut out for the rockstar lifestyle, and Jett's not the settling-down type.

Despite our differences, I'm discovering a side of Jett I never knew existed, and it's making me question everything I thought I knew about him.

This instant-love short romance is part of the Summer Lovin Series coming to you June 28, 2024.

Hitting the road with my brother's BFF—recipe for bliss or total miss?